Bishops, Authority, and Money

Consider Church Vitality – Analyze it as you would a company you have invested in, look at leadership

Is your Church dying today?

The long decline of mainline American churches, Catholic and Protestant, is traced to a new source, the failure of their leadership to financially provision their church. In this direct practical theological and historical inquiry the scriptural mandate for church leadership to provide funding is carefully evolved and evidenced, as is the link of leadership’s failing to today’s church decline.

In exploring this history of the episcopacy, there are moments of glory and occasions of sin; it is an engaging story of how throughout Christendom some bishop’s actions have raised great wealth and armies for the Lord’s service and how other bishops have passively or actively bankrupted their churches.

​This book will challenge its reader to consider how the ministry of fundraising can rescue denominations currently facing extinction and bring the gospel message to the many millions who have left American churches. It will raise questions: Does your bishop accept responsibility to financially provision your church, as fully as he or she accepted the authority to lead at consecration?​

  • E.C. Andercheck